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SignifAI was founded by a team of TechOps engineers who faced the challenge of delivering uptime at scale for years. Even with the best monitoring tools, delivering on service level agreements was a daily struggle. Frustrated by the available solutions, they decided to take a new approach to TechOps. That new approach - Machine Intelligence.

SignifAI is a cloud-based machine intelligence platform that makes optimal use of a TechOps team’s operational expertise and existing monitoring tools to automate the identification, prevention and remediation of production problems. SignifAI is backed by Highland Capital Partners, Bloomberg Beta, Correlation Ventures and headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with offices in Tel Aviv.

  • Our goal is to help our team grow on a professional level as well as a personal one.
  • We believe in and promote a culture of innovation, equality, passion, collaboration and fun!
  • Even though we're a startup, we don't believe in crazy working hours.
  • We think that focusing and working smart is more important than working a ton of extra hours.
  • We believe in transparency and creating a united team built on honesty, strong work ethic and collaboration.
  • The entire team will take part in shaping the product, interacting with users and influencing business decisions.
  • We are a group of innovators and thought leaders. We are looking to work with others who have the passion to take Machine Learning to the next level, to collaborate with us to create the next generation of SignifAI.

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We are the leading provider of predictive machine intelligence tools for TechOps teams. Have a desire to work with us? Come join us!

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